The Village is Our Venue

Butuceni, Moldova


Butuceni is a village like no other. One of the best preserved villages in Moldova, a memorable place through unique landscapes created by nature for centuries, and in which people live their lives the way their grandparents did, leaving room for modernization, but preserving tradition.

On the way to Butuceni you can discover the beauty of Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) by visiting The Birth of the Virgin Mary Church,The “Cave” cave and the Getic Fortress Butuceni,registered in the Register for State Protected Monuments – a complex of historical monuments on the river Raut. The place impresses through the steep relief of the rocks along with the plains. Millions of years ago, Butuceni was under the Sarmatian Sea and the limestone hills form a less typical landscape for the surroundings. About 350 cave complexes are known around the area, 100 of which have been dug by people to create monastic places. The region is perfect for exploratory trips.

All our activities during TechVillage will take place in and around the village. If the weather is good, we'll have our sessions around a camp fire. If it rains, will hide in on the villages barns. This is a unique experience you will never forget, guaranteed.


We've booked every accommodation facility in the village. Guesthouses are authentic Moldovan country houses and the rooms are arranged in the true Moldovan country style. Although decorated in a traditional, rustic style, the rooms include modern conveniences – modern bathrooms, air conditioning, WiFi, and all the necessary facilities.

Most guesthouses have cellars full with house wine and sealed jars with homemade deliciousness. They are open to our guests.

Butuceni, Moldova
6 - 8 September 2024
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